International artists will present “Book Art” with showing their works and other examples.As the title “Picnic” indicates, this event is not intended as an academic research.We will organize the 8 programs with more casual atmosphere at familiar locations in Osaka, such as Nakanoshima Library and cafe galleries.
It is often the case in Japan that Western artists and movements are referred to as the root of book art. We would like to reconsider today's book art with artists from Costa Rica, New York and Japan through exhibitions, lectures, workshops and picnics! We will inform the program detail, administration diary and the reports of Book Art Spots on this website. For more information of each program, see the detail from the following links.

International exchange seminar
Doccument books

Period: January 19 – 31, 2010(13days)
*The opening dates are different depending on the programs and the location.
Location: the Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, iTohen, Calo Bookshop & Cafe, Outenin, and more
Artists/lecturers: Seiji Shinohara (Japan), Martha Wilson (USA), Chie Matsui (Japan), Rossella Matamoros (Costa Rica) and more

Organized by NPO Osaka Arts-Aporia
Supported by Pola Art Foundation, Osaka Prefecture (Osaka Rakuza jigyo)
Endorsed by: The Kansai American Center, Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica
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